All About Our Services in 2 Easy Snippets

01/02 Design & Development

We tailor each website to fit your specific needs. A customised, well-thought-out layout ensures that the most important bit about your business is assigned its proper place in the information hierarchy. There is often also the use of complementary colour schemes and more than a dash of tasteful typography.

What is Responsive Web Design?
Responsive Web Design is the practice of making your website look good on different devices. All our websites are tested for compatibility on every major platform prior to launch.

02/02 Online Branding

Now that we built your website, what’s next. Other than the usual Facebook post titled “We Just Launched Our Website!”, there is more that needs to be done. Much more. Enter our resident branding guru to guide you through a list of available options. You choose one that works for you, we do the rest.

What is SEO?
SEO is bandied around like some magic panacea that will bring throngs of hungry customers to your doorstep. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as instant web traffic. The generation of sustained online visibility often boils down to quality content and adhering to search engine guidelines. Things that we already incorporate stringently in our web development workflow.

We worry so that you do not have to.

Learn More About RWD

What is Responsive Web Design?

Learn More About SEO

Learn More About SEO

Kept in the loop. Start to finish.

At Pato, we provide as much relevant information as we can to companies who contact us, based on their requirements. We are meticulous in ensuring that our clients are always kept in the loop. Second-guessing is best left to the amateurs.

And we do this whether it is a 5-page website or a 500-page web portal.

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